More Children Need to Use Medicaid Dental Benefits


There is a goal of increasing the proportion of children receiving preventive dental series including sealants (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) National Oral Health Initiative (OHI)).

 States have been asked to develop State Oral Health Action Plans (SOHAPs) describing steps they are taking to achieve these improvements. Recognizing that statewide or regional quality improvement requires a commitment of time, expertise and resources from a variety of stakeholders, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Oral Health Initiative, has issued a helpful Brief titled Moving from Goal to Impact:  A Quality Improvement Approach to Advancing Children’s Oral Health in Medicaid.  This brief describes 4 steps in the strategic planning process to effect change in oral health delivery systems.  These steps are:

1)      Describe and assess the current Medicaid oral health delivery system

2)      Identify key drivers of change

3)      Determine which interventions will achieve the drivers

4)      Identify resources to implement interventions

5)      Anticipate barriers and identify potential solutions for each intervention


For more details about such strategic planning, visit: 


Moving from Goal to Impact: A Quality Improvement Approach to Advancing Children's Oral Health in Medicaid